My Opinion

http:// should be allowes to go topless in public.Why men can be in topless and womens no? I think we need equality between womens and mens and I also think that too many people think that it is attractive.

A bad thing of all this is that if the topless is allowed we are going to see womens of 80 years old in topless and that’s is very disgusting but I have a simply solution for this we only need to close our eyes when a women of 80 years old is in topless.

In my opinion the womens need to be in topless because we need equality between womens and mens,because it is attractive and because for womens is more comfortable to bee without using bra.




Jack The Ripper

The detective Federick Abberline


D:Hello, mister Jack the Ripper, finally we are together.

J:Hello my captain.

D:Let’s start with the questions.


D:Why you send letters to the police?


D:Tell me!, you don’t have any escape.

J:I wrote that letters to mock the police, I think that you are all stupids.

D:We now that you only kill prostitutes, but why?

J:Because I hate that type of girls,girls that sells hers bodies,but always they attract me sexually.

D:Wau!,you are really a lunatic.

J:Shut up, and continue doing your job.

D:My job is to catch you.


D:How do you kill your victims?

J:I quarted they,after I rape them.

D:Wow,ok.Why do you kill girls between 37 and 49 years old?

J:Because it’s a wonderfull age to die.

D:You are a extremly lunatic,after this interrogation you will go to the madhouse.

D:Why you started killing?

J:Because it attracts me,I have to decide to kill and quarted people,it’s funny,try it.

D:I will never try it,I’m a correct man.

J:Okay,don’t try it but you know that you will never caught me,I will escape.

D:How many girls did you kill?

J:Between 10 and 30 girls no more.

D:All of them was prostitutes?


D:Do you have sexual intercourse with your victims?

J:No,well in some cases yes.

D:Your murders was rituals.

J:No,but I always have an interest with the black magic and all of that.

D:Jack,do you have any medical knowledge?

J:Yes,but only the basic issues,I know all the parts of the human body,and I know how to draw and put all the organs without getting dirty with the blood.

D:And…,why you kill all this people?

J:I kill because I want,when I want,because I want and because I always do what I want, and now i want to go to my house and desappear of here.

D:Where are you going!?..Security!

Vincenzo Cademartori and Braulio Bahamonde.